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One day Three Countries, Spain, Andorra, France


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Catch a glimpse of life in three distinct and startlingly lovely countries in this epic daylong adventure.


Travelers, adventurers, and anyone else struck through with wanderlust, this one is for you. Explore three different countries in the course of just one day. Uncover three distinct and beautiful cultures while you hop from Spain to France to Andorra and then back again.

- Delight in a traditional French croissant and cafe au lait in Mont-Louis.
- Discover the winding streets and rich history of Baga, a medieval Spanish village straight out of a fairytale.
- Browse tax-free shops or wander breathtaking mountain trails in Andorra.
- Visit France, Andorra, and Spain in one day.

Catch a glimpse of life in three distinct and startlingly lovely countries in this epic daylong adventure. After leaving Barcelona, you and your crew will roll into Baga, Spain at around 8:30 a.m., where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some time to admire the stunning mountains of the Cadi-Moixero National Park. Explore the village’s medieval quarter, taking care to note the church as well as the charming atmosphere. From there, your group will venture out of Spain and into the French town of Mont-Louis. There, you can eat croissants and cafe au lait and admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a seventeenth-century fortified citadel. This beautiful building is as historically rich as it is striking. While your guide explains a few things, you will sail over the Pyrenees Alps and into Andorra, the tiny, lovely country sandwiched between France and Spain. This trip will take you to Andorra La Vella, the nation’s capital city, where you can eat traditional Andorran food or comb the shops in some excellent tax-free shopping. If you wish, you can even go for a quick hike along the shores of the bright blue mountain lake. Don’t forget to bring a camera; the views here are unparalleled. On your ride back to Spain, you’ll admire some gorgeous vistas, as well, right up until you enjoy a last drink with your group and your guide in Barcelona

What you need to know

About Price per person
Participants 20
Location Outside Barcelona
Duration 12 hours
Weather The wheather does not influence this activity
What to wear It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes
Additional info Visit three countries in one day- Spain,Andorra,France.

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