• Let your inner creative designer loose with this totally unique experience. Barcelona is famed for its spirit of expression and unbridled creativity. Here is a perfect example; from tatty old jeans to an iPad holder you will learn how to design and create your very own denim design in a fun relaxed atmosphere in our workshop nestled in the centre of town.... Let your inner creative designer...

  • An adrenaline rush on wheels, this experience is designed for drivers with little or no experience of driving in the snow to learn the basic principles of this art. Set in the Circuit of Andorra, a beautiful country nestled in between Spain and France and 200 km from Barcelona, this is a perfect opportunity to get out of the city and see some of the most... An adrenaline rush on wheels, this...

  • Looking for something fun, engaging and fully interactive for your teambuilding activity? This experience has it all. We lanched this activity at the end of 2017 and it has received rave reviews. Ever watched a movie clip of Al Pacino or Julia Roberts and thought, I would love to try that? Well now is your chance to be a star for a night with our Oscar... Looking for something fun, engaging...


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  • Adrenaline Action Day

  • Catamaran tour