Parasailing in Barcelona


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Parasailing fun water activity in Barcelona


This is a relaxing way to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Barcelona with a touch of adrenaline.

Parasailing is the perfect activity for those that want to soar through the sky without having to jump off or out of anything. You will board the boat in Barcelona, get fitted into your harness and head out to the open ocean. Once you´ve put a little distance between yourself and the coastline, you will head to the back of the boat where the instructor will fit you into the parachute. As the boat picks up speed, you will feel your feet lifting of f the ground as the speed boat gets smaller and smaller below your dangling toes. Next thing you know, you are floating 150 meters in the air tethered to a speedboat with no one around but you and the seagulls, the Barcelona skyline gliding past. Eventually, the world below grows bigger and bigger as you slowly drift back down to the boat, feet once again on solid ground.

This is an activity the whole family can enjoy and an experience you won´t soon forget.

What you need to know

About Price per person
Participants 1-3 people. For larger groups
Location Barcelona
Duration 10-15 minutes in the air (approx 45 min total)
Weather This activity can be affected by the weather
What to wear Swimwear
Additional info Guests can watch from the boat for a fee of €20. Prices for multiple participants (in the air at the same time)- - Tandem (2 people)- €160 - Triple (3 people)- € 210


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