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Chocolate Massage


Info & Enquiries

Indulge yourself without any guilt, with a Chocolate Massage to reinvigorate your body and mind


Disappear into a world of total indulgence and pleasure as your body is immersed in one of nature's most sumptuous treats!

- Immerse yourself in the decadent mix of chocolate and almond oil
- Experience the effects of Ayurvedic massage
- Reinvigorate your body and skin

Let your body take a walk in paradise as you are bathed in a wonderfully delicious mix of chocolate and almond oil. As the sweet aroma fills your senses and you begin to relax, your body will be covered in the chocolaty concoction. You will receive a soothing Ayuverdic massage, targeting the body's main pressure points, leaving you calm, content and with radiant skin!

Chocoholics will love this one! Two of life's greatest pleasures rolled into one!


Upon receiving your payment, and check if everything is OK we will provide you with your booking confirmation and all the details of how to get to the location.

Oh…! And if anything, we can also help you with other details like accommodation sourcing, and any other special requests you may require… just think of us as your personal assistant.

Any queries, contact us on Whatsapp. 

What you need to know

About Price per person
Participants Maximum 2 people can do this experience at the same time
Location Barcelona
Duration 1 hour
Weather The weather conditions have no impact on this experience
What to wear Casual clothing is recommended. A towel and a robe will be provided.

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