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Chakra Hot Stone Massage


Info & Enquiries

Experience a revolutionary new massage technique with Chakra (lava) Hot Stone Massage, and be overcome delicately with quiet calmness


This revolutionary new massage technique harnesses the power of geothermal therapy promoting communication and understanding in the body using the energetic power of the stones. The specially formed lava stones possess therapeutic qualities when heated to certain temperatures; they release energies that promote calmness and wellbeing into the body.

You will be overcome with a quiet calmness as the seven chakra stones are placed on predetermined energy points throughout the body. The massage will then be carried out using delicate manual manipulation of the stones.

This massage relieves physical ailments whilst calming the nerves and stimulating the muscles. The Chakra Stone Massage uses the techniques of acupuncture, shiatsu and other holistic techniques to stimulate the parts of the body that feed the spirit. Discover the wellbeing of the Chakra Stone Massage.


Upon receiving your payment, and check if everything is OK we will provide you with your booking confirmation and all the details of how to get to the location.

Oh…! And if anything, we can also help you with other details like accommodation sourcing, and any other special requests you may require… just think of us as your personal assistant.

Any queries, contact us on Whatsapp. 

What you need to know

About Price per person
Participants Maximum 2 people at a time
Location Barcelona
Duration 1 hour
Weather This experience takes place under all weather conditions
What to wear It is recommended to bring swim-wear. A towel and slippers are provided
Additional info Shower facilities are available.

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