Flotation Tank


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This is an experience for everyone, move closer to mind and body synergy as you undergo the feeling of floating.

The specially designed tanks are filled with 600 litres of water warmed to body temperature and 300g of Epsom salts. The mixture of water and salts creates a medium so dense that on entry into the tank, you will lose all sense of gravity and experience weightlessness as you float. The whole experience is designed to give you a feeling of total 'silence' from all of your senses. With 90% of the external stimuli to the brain eliminated, you will experience a deep sense of physical, nervous and mental relaxation.

The documented benefits of this treatment are numerous, they include: reduced stress and muscle tension, improved blood circulation and concentration, strengthened immune system and a general sense of wellbeing.

Try it for yourself and find out!!

What you need to know

About Price per person
Participants Maximum 3 people
Location Barcelona
Duration 1 hour
Weather The weather conditions have no impact on the experience
What to wear It is best to float naked but you can bring a swim suit to wear. Towels and a robe are provided.
Additional info This experience is not advised if you suffer from- epilepsy


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