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Fall in love in Barcelona, try our hot air balloon ride for two, or a romantic dancing lesson, or even a luxury tour of the city.
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  • p>Sail away to a world of relaxation as you enjoy the dulcet tone of jazz music against the glorious backdrop of a Barcelona sunset. - Enjoy the magical sight of a Barcelona sunset - See the stunning scenery of Port Vell Treat yourself to an evening of chilled tranquillity as you drift along the Mediterranean coastline. You will cast off from... p>Sail away to a world of...

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  • Indulge yourself without any guilt, with a Chocolate Massage to reinvigorate your body and mind Indulge yourself without any guilt,...

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  • Enjoy a romantic and fun adventure at the beach! - Experience an exciting catamaran ride for two on the Mediterranean - Enjoy a mojito in the sun on the Santa Susanna beach This activity takes place in the scenic and picturesque location of Santa Susanna, which is situated 1 hour north of Barcelona and is easily accessible by train. Enjoy a romantic and fun adventure at...

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  • Your massage takes place in an area that was a former bath (Bañuelos), which today has been restored to its former glory, thus allowing your mind and body to float far, far away. Your massage takes place in an area...

  • Enjoy a trip to the heart of Morocco with a Hammam and Massage experience without leaving Barcelona Enjoy a trip to the heart of Morocco...

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  • Romance and sightseeing as you haven´t experienced before, with this romantic scooter tour for two. It´s no surprise that scooters are not for nothing the most popular mode of transport in Barcelona; smart and quick, they lead you easily through traffic jams up to small roads and even leave you time to spare. Romance and sightseeing as you...

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  • This is a relaxing way to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Barcelona with a touch of adrenaline. Parasailing is the perfect activity for those that want to soar through the sky without having to jump off or out of anything. This is a relaxing way to enjoy a...

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  • Together you can relax and relish the natural pleasures of the sea, the smells and the feeling of a good massage. A memorable Massage and Aromatherapy for Two moment ! Together you can relax and relish the...

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  • Perfect for couples looking for a romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life! The perfect combo : romantic massage and dinner for two ! Perfect for couples looking for a...

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  • Discover Barcelona cruising on a classic sidecar motorcycle, driven by a private guide and discover architecture, the Montjuïc hills, the old port and the beach with this romantic sidecar tour. Discover Barcelona cruising on a...

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  • A unique experience in Catalonia´s valued wine regions, through this private bodegas tour. A unique experience in Catalonia´s...

  • The Hammam is a centuries-old religious and spiritual cleansing bath said to originate in Turkey and the Middle East. Today, we welcome you to the most exclusive Hammam Bath in Barcelona. This oasis of tranquillity is situated in a quiet area about 15 minutes from the city centre. The Hammam is a centuries-old...

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Review By Michiel (Belgium) Canyoning, 0 1 2 3 4
Michiel (Belgium) Canyoning
Service was great; fast response time, good information provided in advance.
May 25, 2017
Review By Sahrish (UK) Parasailing, 0 1 2 3 4
Sahrish (UK) Parasailing
Excellent communication via online chat prior to booking. Professional and safe service. Experience ...
May 25, 2017
Review By Adam&Felicity-Australia - Heli wine tour proposal, 0 1 2 3 4
Adam&Felicity-Australia - Heli wine tour proposal
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond to ma ...
May 25, 2017