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Voice Over Oscars


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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 50

Looking for something fun, engaging and fully interactive for your teambuilding activity? This experience has it all. We lanched this activity at the end of 2017 and it has received rave reviews. Ever watched a movie clip of Al Pacino or Julia Roberts and thought, I would love to try that? Well now is your chance to be a star for a night with our Oscar Night. 


This activity can only be described as original, fun, and highly creative. If you want to organise an activity that has everyone outside of their normal comforts zones and tapping into their creative genius the “Oscar Voice Over Night” is for you.  We start the evening off with a series of ice-breakers to get you in the mood. Once everyone is relaxed and ready the group will be split into teams of 5 -10.  Each team will be given an Ipad with a 2-minute scene from a famous movie, such as Superman, Forest Gump, Life of Brian, or Grease. The team will also have carefully selected objects to be used to create sounds such as a closing door or wind blowing through the trees.


The clips will come without sound and your job is to create voice-overs and sound effects in synch with the movie. You will have to elect a film director, sound director, artistic director and of course roles for each character in the scene. Test your creativity and teamwork as you create a completely new scenario complete with opening and closing credits.

After the activity, we will call each team live onto the stage complete with lighting, microphones, and a large screen, you will then be called on to present your Hollywood masterpieces for everyone to see. Finally, our team of professional “scouts” and film critics will give awards to teams for best picture, best sound effects and best artistic interpretation.

This activity will have you rolling around with laughter and surprise as you let your inner actor/actress.

What you need to know

About Price Per person
Participants Minimum 50
Location Anywhere in Barcelona
Duration 2 hours + Dinner/Lunch

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