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Denim Design Experience


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Let your inner creative designer loose with this totally unique experience. Barcelona is famed for its spirit of expression and unbridled creativity. Here is a perfect example; from tatty old jeans to an iPad holder you will learn how to design and create your very own denim design in a fun relaxed atmosphere in our workshop nestled in the centre of town. You can bring your own jeans or choose from the many different styles and patterns already donated. This project is special because the proceeds go to help many underprivileged families in Barcelona. 


Denim Designer Experience

Everyone has a favourite old pair of jeans that they wish they could keep forever, now that wish can come true with our creative Denim Designer Experience. It is eco-friendly and fun.

In this activity, you can design your own bag, iPad case, purse, mobile phone case or even a rucksack. You can choose from an assortment of recycled denim which has been donated by members of the community – or you can bring your own jeans.

Our host will welcome you to their workshop in the centre of Barcelona where she will explain a little about the “Back to Eco” project that was launched in Barcelona in 2013.

You will hear how the project helps some less fortunate members of the local community as well as creating a sustainable option extending the life of those beloved jeans.

After the introduction, you will be asked to draw the design of your desired masterpiece as the creative process begins. After the design stage you can then choose the materials and your host will guide you through the sowing and stitching process.

Enjoy the experience as your design come to life, you can even sow in your own label to make your design 100% unique.

The evening will be complemented with soft drinks, light snacks and relaxing ambient music to aid the creative mood.

We recommend this activity for up to 10 people, it is ideal for small teams and friends who want to enjoy an activity that is sure to leave an indelible positive footprint in the city.

What you need to know

About Price per person
Participants 2 to 10 participants
Location Barcelona
Duration approx. 2 hours
Weather Not affected by the weather
What to wear Comfortable clothes are recommended
Additional info For an additional price, we can include eco wine, olives and cheese. This activity can be adapted for larger groups. Please contact us for more information.


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