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Barcelona Flash Mob Experience

A Flash Mob is a fun and exciting experience which involves "random strangers" coming together in an open or closed space and dancing or performing some other fun coordinated act and then dissppearing as if nothing had happened.

Now you can surprise your boss, wife, co-workers or friends with a spontaneous flash mob! Watch it begin with just one person and grow to into critical mass within minutes then just as quickly disappear. Amaze your unsuspecting audience with coordinated dance routines, welcome parties, birthday celebrations, or just totally crazy unreal situations!

Everything’s organised by a specialist team and captured on camera, so the moment can be celebrated, posted and shared forever. All you have to do is give us the profile of the person or people you want to surprise and we will come up with a totally unique idea for you with suggestions on location, props etc. Become a part of an experience like no other with Barcelona Flash Mob.

Activity information

PRICE € 850
(Includes a team of 20 actors + video + full choreography)


3 - 5 minutes

All year round

This can be done for any number of people>

This activity is rarely affected by the weather

No clothing restrictions

Thi activity can be done outdoors and indoors..

Info & Enquiries

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